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Things to do and see on Camiguin Island

Camiguin has many natural resources. It hosts several waterfalls where you can have a refreshing swim, a sodawater source from which they made a swimmingpool, Sto Nino cold spring and ardent hot spring where the water comes straight from the volcano. If you like swimming and the beach, Camiguin has plenty to offer. Most beaches are black, as it is a volcanic island. The famous White island, just off the coast, has white sand only. The view over Camiguin is fantastic and the water is crystalclear. On the other side of Camiguin lies Mantique island. It also has a white beach and is a nice daytrip to go to. Bring your lunch and have a BBQ on the beach.

You can see the remains of the old Guiob church and the sunken cemenary. Only the cross is rising out of the water nowadays, with lots of marine life. This is the result of the 1871 volcano eruption. Furthermore, you can walk up the 12 stations of the cross. This site is the most important place during the yearly Panaad. If you are interested in Volcanos, Camiguin is the place to come. You can visit the Philvoc observatory where the Hibok-Hibok volcano is being watched to protect the island. You can actually climb to the crater of the volcano, but you will need a guide for your safety. Diving is also popular on Camiguin. Around the island are numerous beautiful dive sites full of marine life.

Camiguin hosts a number of festivals during the year. During the holy week the Panaad festival is held. Many people come to Camiguin to walk to the 12 stations of the cross. Another big festival is the lanzones festival held on the 3th week of october. It's a very colourfull and spectacular festival. The locals are celebrating the harvest of the lanzones, a specialty of Camiguin.